Tips To Follow After A Breakup

How are you feeling? Not good, right?

Simply put – breakups are NOT EASY. Your emotions cloud your thoughts, and sometimes it’s just too difficult to know exactly what to do next.

Here you’ll find some specific, step-by-step instructions to get you started off on the right foot.

So look no further, and checkout these tips below.


Are You Causing Your Ex To Rebel?

Is your situation going from bad to worse? Have some of your post-breakup tactics backfired and blown up in your face?

In this article, Chris Tavan goes over the SQUEEZE REBEL MODE and what it means to your relationship.

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couple drinking cocktail

Signs Your Ex Wants You Back

She waved to me. He mentioned my name to our group of friends. She emailed me even when on holidays.

Is your ex sending you signs that they want back in? Here’s how to interpret these signs and why you shouldn’t get too excited just yet.

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couple enjoying a picnic

How To Get Someone To Like You

How to become liked by your ex or even a stranger in a bar.

You’ve just sat down with your ex, and thought all was fine. The communication between the two of you was smooth as can be. But was it really?

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