Q: How soon can I get started?

After your order is placed, you get instant access to your private membership area. Here you’ll receive your:

▶ 14 Coaching Modules.
▶ Q&A Support For Each Coaching Module.
▶ 30 Days FREE Access To The War Room (for private one-on-one consultation).

Q: How fast will I see results?

There’s no hard and fast rule to this. It all depends on two factors:

1. How well you follow and adhere to The Makeup System methodology.
2. Your own unique situation.

Typically though, many see results between 20 and 45 days.

Q: What if I cheated, do I still have a chance?

Yes, definitely.

There are many reasons leading to a breakup, and in more cases than not, cheating alone does NOT lead to a breakup.

More importantly, it’s the underlying problems in your relationship that caused you to take this path.

And that’s where The Makeup System shines. It look at why the breakup occurred in the first place, and how you can start to take control of things and weave your way back into your ex’s life again.

Q: Can I just email you my questions after joining?

You can, though I get way too many emails each month from folks asking for advice.

As this was getting the better of me, email support is now limited to general enquiries, billing, tech issues etc.

In your Membership Area you’ll have priority access via the Module Q&A area (for module specific questions) AND the War Room (for personalised support).

Q: Do your strategies work for both men and women?

“Yes”, though there will be the occasional exception.

The few times when men and women do need to play things out slightly differently (such as when to sleep together), separate strategies are then made for each gender.

Granted, there are many differences between men and women, but when it comes to the ties that bind them together; they are much the same. The tricks and tips shown will apply to your situation no matter what gender you are.

Q: What if I’ve given it my all, and still can’t get my ex back?

Other than taxes and death, there are no guarantees in life.

Sometimes you can put your all into something just to wind up with nothing. You may have danced all the right moves and spoken all the right words, but in the end, still unable to get your ex back.

What The Makeup System does is either help you win your ex back, OR bring closure to your relationship.

If you’re looking for a guarantee sure-fire system to win your ex back, then you’re on the wrong website. There are just too many factors involved when it comes to relationships.

IN FACT, if an “ex getting system” guarantees you WILL get your ex back, then I would run fast, run fast in the opposite direction!

Q: What if it’s been some time since we broke up?

Large periods of time after a breakup can actually work for or against you.

On the NEGATIVE, it can mean your ex has moved on and now sees your relationship as a thing of the past.

On the POSITIVE, it can mean that you’ve both had the opportunity to grow and change for the better. This can work wonders in your favour when meeting up for your first lunch or coffee together as you can easily play off of how much you’ve changed.

Your ex seeing the change in you could be all they need for their interest to be rekindled. Sometimes, a little distance is exactly what two people need in order to be able to find each other again.