Want To Get Your Ex Back But
Don’t Know What To Say Or Do?

…hey, it happens to the best of us.

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Every week I get a bunch of emails from folks going through a breakup desperately looking for relationship advice. Sadly, the majority of these folks have made some pretty big mistakes in their efforts to patch things up.

In school, we learn about physics, calculus, history and so on, but why is it that maintaining a successful relationship is never covered?

It’s then no surprise to see many relationships fail and those going through a breakup with no idea on the DO’s and DON’Ts during this rough time.

Unfortunately, many going through a breakup ruin any last chances they have with their ex due to the actions they take.

So the best advice I can give you right now is – do nothing.

It’s TRUE, because by doing nothing, you can at least –

  • avoid further damage to your relationship and
  • give yourself time to find out what’s truly effective and what isn’t to winning your ex back.

What’s Your Game Plan?

Likely you have some sort of plan to win your ex back, and that’s a good start! However… not all plans are equal in effectiveness.

Some will be flawed, some will be down right rotten, and some may just work wonders for your relationship and your own state of mind.

questionSo a big question you need to ask yourself of your plan is –

Is it a “PROVEN plan” that works more times than not? Is it a plan that brings your ex closer to you, or pushes them further away?

The key point here is – a “PROVEN plan”, because as mentioned above, many folks who email me for relationship advice often think they have a winning plan, but in reality, all they’re doing is pushing their ex further away.

Speed Is Of Essence

You can have the best plan in the world, but if your ex has already moved on and found true love elsewhere, then it’s basically “game over“.

▶ That’s why you need to move fast, because the longer you wait, the harder things will be to win them back.

Often I see those who use The Makeup System in the early stages of their breakup enjoy far better results than those who wait a while.

By moving FAST with a PROVEN PLAN, you stand a far better chance to win your ex back before they close that door on you.

It’s a real shame to see many push their relationships to the point of no return, especially when many could have been saved. Don’t fall into this same trap.

All you have to do is handle things CORRECTLY in a timely fashion and your chances of saving your relationship will shoot up 10 fold.

How To Get Your Ex To Reconsider The Breakup

The way you handle your breakup ultimately determines the fate of your relationship.

During the breakup phase, each time you meet and speak with your ex, you’re planting one of two seeds in their mind.

If you say and do the wrong things, then it will CONFIRM to your ex that their decision to breakup with you was the right one.

Obviously you’ll want to avoid planting this seed.

On the other hand, if you say and do the right things, then there’s no reason why they wouldn’t at least consider taking you back, right?

By doing this, you’re planting seeds of DOUBT in their mind.

This will lead your ex to consider whether they made the right decision or not. They’ll start to mull over things, and open their mind to taking you back.

And that’s exactly what you want!

seeds-doubtEach encounter you have with your ex is your opportunity to do right, to cause them to DOUBT whether the breakup was the right move or not.

★ In fact, that’s the beauty of The Makeup System as it uses this very concept in every Module. As these seeds of DOUBT start to pile up, it then becomes that much harder for your ex to turn their back on you.

Did You Know Most Breakups CAN Be Saved?

It’s true.

Most breakups CAN be saved, and I see this first hand every single week from users of The Makeup System.

People patch up their relationships even with their backs to the wall.

Ex criminals and unfaithful partners have managed to get their ex back.

Bill Clinton even managed to patch up his relationship after NINE sexual encounters with Monica Lewinsky. How’s that for an effort?

So with that in mind…

  • can you agree that no situation is hopeless?
  • and am I right to guess that your odds are nowhere near as bad as the ones above?

Where To From Here?

What if –

  • …there was a hidden recipe or formula that these people used to reconcile with their ex? To say and do the right things at the right time to get that second chance!
  • …there was a way of knowing the hidden needs and wants of your partner which you could magically GIVE THEM to patch things up?
  • …someone could SHOW YOU all this in a well thought out proven plan which you could just plug in and have work wonders for you?

Then welcome to The Makeup System GOLD – a new and revamped version offering even more than it’s predecessor! This premium coaching program is designed to take you by the hand from start to end.

NOW with…

– Module Q&A Support
– War Room Access where you can ask questions specific to your own situation.

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